Making jEdit and WMII-2 cooperate

Suraj N. Kurapati

I’ve always had trouble using jEdit under the old wmi-1 window manager because its “Search and Replace” dialog, which I use frequently, wouldn’t function properly. In particular, the dialog would only appear on the screen for the first two times it was invoked; after that, you would have to detach and attach the dialog to make it visible.

Under the new wmii-2 window manager, the problem became worse. The dialog would not appear even when you detached and attached it. However, to my surprise, having jEdit manage its own window borders solved the problem!

  1. Launch jEdit.
  2. Open the “Global options” dialog.
  3. Choose the “Appearance” section.
  4. Enable the “Draw dialog box borders using Swing look & feel” option.