MD2MAN-HTML 1 2018-02-04 5.1.2


md2man-html - convert md2man(5) flavored Markdown text into HTML


md2man-html [OPTION]... [FILE]


This program converts the md2man(5) flavored Markdown text from the given FILE into HTML and then prints the result to the standard output stream. If FILE is not given, then the standard input stream is read in its place.

Top-level headings

Each component of the .TH directive in roff(7), described under "Top-level headings" in md2man(5), is wrapped in stylable <span> elements as follows:

<span class="md2man-title">...</span>
<span class="md2man-section">...</span>
<span class="md2man-date">...</span>
<span class="md2man-source">...</span>
<span class="md2man-manual">...</span>

Self-referencing hyperlinks (for permanent linking) are added to headings by converting their labels into URI fragments that are unique (using a counter), lowercase, and squeezed and stripped of HTML tags and non-word characters.

For example, a heading labeled Ver<s>iON 3(2</s>!4))) would be emitted as:

<h2 id="ver-ion-3-2-4">Ver<s>iON 3(2</s>!4)))<a name="ver-ion-3-2-4"
href="#ver-ion-3-2-4" class="md2man-permalink" title="permalink"></a></h2>

For example, multiple headings labeled Hello, world! would be emitted as:

<h2 id="hello-world">Hello, world!<a name="hello-world"
href="#hello-world" class="md2man-permalink" title="permalink"></a></h2>

<h2 id="hello-world-1">Hello, world!<a name="hello-world-1"
href="#hello-world-1" class="md2man-permalink" title="permalink"></a></h2>

<h2 id="hello-world-2">Hello, world!<a name="hello-world-2"
href="#hello-world-2" class="md2man-permalink" title="permalink"></a></h2>

Cross references

Cross references to manual pages are emitted as HTML hyperlinks that have class="md2man-reference" and href="../man$SECTION/$PAGE.$SECTION.html" attributes.

For example, the printf(3) cross reference would be emitted as this HTML:

<a class="md2man-reference" href="../man3/printf.3.html">printf(3)</a>


-h [PATTERN], --help [PATTERN]
Show this help manual and optionally search for PATTERN regular expression.


md2man-roff(1), md2man-rake(1), md2man(5), Markdown