The umbrella of sacrifice

Suraj N. Kurapati

While watching a rainy scene in a silly Hong Kong film called Elixir of Love, I noticed that in order for two people (each with their own umbrella) to embrace, one of them must first sacrifice their umbrella, become wet in the rain, and finally get underneath the other’s umbrella. Otherwise, as the two people draw near, their umbrellas will collide and prevent them from embracing, as shown in the film.

I felt happy to understand the symbolic meaning of that scene: in order to advance or improve in life, one must let go of or sacrifice one’s safe and comfortable environment. If one is unwilling to perform such sacrifice but still wants to advance, then one is foolish, illusioned and will not succeed in any attempts at advancement. In fact, such a person is forever tormented by their desires, just as a spoiled child throws a tantrum, is unable to think, and increases his sorrow when he is not given what he wants.

Therefore, be not afraid of the chilling rain! Sacrifice your umbrella and proceed forth, towards your destiny!