Temporarily zooming panes in tmux

Suraj N. Kurapati

  1. Obsolete!
    1. Problem
      1. Approach
        1. Solution


          The solution in this article was made obsolete by tmux version 1.8, which provides native support for zooming panes through the resize-pane -Z command.


          In my wmii configuration, I often use the “client zoom” feature where a group of selected clients (or just the currently focused client if there is no selection) is zoomed onto a temporary view. This allows me to focus on the task at hand while also giving more space to the client(s) that are relevant to that task.


          I ported that feature to tmux this evening, as shown below, by enhancing an existing snippet, which was written by an anonymous user known only as “akshay”, in the following ways:


          bind -n M-m run 'set -e;                                            \
            new_ip=$(tmux display-message -p "#I|#P");                        \
            if ! tmux select-window -t "*$new_ip"; then                       \
              old_wip=$(tmux display-message -p "#W");                        \
              old_w=${old_wip%|[0-9]*|[0-9]*};                                \
              if test "$old_w" != "$old_wip"; then                            \
                old_i=${old_wip%|*}; old_i=${old_i##*|};                      \
                old_p=${old_wip##*|};                                         \
                cur_i=$(tmux display-message -p "#I");                        \
                cur_p=$(tmux display-message -p "#P");                        \
                tmux select-window -t ":$old_i";                              \
                tmux select-pane -t ":$old_i.$old_p";                         \
                tmux swap-pane -s ":$cur_i.$cur_p";                           \
                if test "$(tmux list-panes -t ":$cur_i" | wc -l)" -le 1; then \
                  tmux kill-window -t ":$cur_i";                              \
                fi;                                                           \
              else                                                            \
                new_wip="$old_wip|$new_ip";                                   \
                tmux new-window -d -n "$new_wip" "sh -c \"                    \
                  trap : INT QUIT;                                            \
                  while :; do                                                 \
                    echo PLACEHOLDER;                                         \
                    cat > /dev/null;                                          \
                  done                                                        \
                \"";                                                          \
                tmux swap-pane -s "$new_wip";                                 \
                tmux select-window -t "$new_wip";                             \
              fi;                                                             \
            fi;                                                               \